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LCW2 - HW Pence Contractors - Lockport, Illinous

The project consists of, but is not limited to the following: clearing and grubbing, removal of debris, tuckpointing, repair and replacement of store masonry, PCC repair to existing bulkheads, repair of existing bullnoses, gate tower repairs, sluice gate, sluice sill repairs, and other concrete repairs. The work will take plase on the Controling Works Building located in Lockport, IL.

LCFCP7 - Ceres - Hammond, Indiana

The authorized project consists of replacing and expanding existing levees and floodwalls, rehabilitation of existing pump stations, a flow control structure, nonstructural flood proofing, and a flood warning system for flood damage reduction and recreation features. The Local Cooperation Agreement (LCA) with the non-Federal sponsor, the Little Calumet River Basin Development Commission (LCRBDC), was executed on August 16, 1990. This project will protect more than 9,500 homes and businesses in Gary, Griffith, Hammond, Highland and Munster, preventing nearly $11 million in average annual flood damage.

Birdland Levee - Ceres - Des Moines, Iowa

The $10.1 million contract to reconstruct the Birdland Park levee was awarded to Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. in March 2010. The project consisted of degrading the existing levee and rebuilding a compacted earthen embankment along most of the original alignment, adding stone protection, construction or modification of gate well structures and pump stations, construction of a steel roller gate across Saylor Road, and the addition of a multipurpose trail including a new connection to McHenry Park.

The project provides an increased level of protection against a 1 percent chance flood event for homes, businesses, and North High School. Although final grading and seeding is yet to be completed, the new levee system is able to withstand the design flood in its current condition.

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Site Safety Solutions | Photo Gallery
Site Safety Solutions | Photo Gallery
Site Safety Solutions | Photo Gallery